Zytanien Open Air Festival

24th - 26th August, 2018
in front of the main stage

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About us

This year, we’re about to hit the 32nd !!! Zytanien festival. Originally intended as a private party for friends and friends of friends, the festival turned into an important and appreciated event attracting not just locals but became popular all over the country, and even amongst international guests. Remembering our first stage which basically consisted of an old barn door installed on a couple of barrels, we are proud to say that we've achieved quite a lot over the years.

Three decades later, there are two open air stages and technical equipment that certainly complies with modern festival standards. Located in an old factory hall, the additional indoor area “Weltraum” (Engl. outer space) feels both spacious and transcendentally cosy at the same time. Altogether you'll find three unique areas – suitable for everyone.

In spite of all renewals, Zytanien is maintaining the atmosphere of an old brickyard, situated in the middle of an idyllic nature just 15 kilometres southeast of Hanover. While taking any required obligations seriously, we managed to keep back from being a commercially and security driven event. Instead there lies magic within this gathering of peaceable people. Old stagers and newcomers often find themselves equally surprised and overwhelmed by the colourful interplay of music, beautiful spots, delicious food and inspiring moments. Entering Ongolito Ville might feel like a journey to a place where time stands still. You can hang out and just relax, dance until sunrise or even unite with likeminded people and conquer the open mic area starting an unforgettable jam session.

The children’s area invites our youngest guests to take part in creative and enjoyable activities. A tiny marketplace offers a variety of treasures including handmade clothes, jewellery, dreamy craftwork and other artsy stuff. Everyone is invited to just stroll along, have a chat with the people and maybe even find a long-desired souvenir to take back home. Culinarywise you can expect a lot in Zytanien. The palette includes snacks and meals of various kinds, and early birds appreciate handmade and stone baked croissants at Ongolito Bar, the place that turns into a pizza paradise later the day, serving delicious and self-made pizzas accompanied by ambitious and appetizing DJ sounds.

You’ll find newspaper articles, photos and videos in chronological order within the Line-Up section. The outcome of a visit by German television broadcaster NDR is worth seeing, too. In 2010, their crew spent a couple of days with us to document the exciting moments just before the festival. 17 hours of video material were assembled into an interesting   documentary giving organizational as well as personal insights - interviews with many ‘Zytanians’ included .

But Zytanien is not just a festival. Another   NDR documentary featuring alternative living and a sublime  multimedia report by Bremen’s WESER KURIER rather focus on the everyday life of Zytanien that is inhabited all year around. Thanks to an interactive map even more hidden corners are getting explored providing some additional views into this unique location.

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