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The sitemap and the line-up: who/when/where? are also available as flyers to take away at the information booth and at the cashpoint.

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Aerial photograph by Michael Traue

The information booth

helps you with questions and is the central collection point for lost property. In addition, you will find posters, Zytanian t-shirts, hoodies, lighters ... in short: some merchandisement to remember and take home with you. You are also welcome to bring your own clothes and have them printed 'live' by our screen printing team.

Trash/deposit return

On Saturday between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and on Sunday between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. you can drop off your own and third-party waste at the container and we will refund the deposit you paid when you bought the ticket. Please have your entry wristband ready, from which the woven token will be cut off during this process.

Drinking water

Zytanien is still not connected to the municipal water supply, but thanks to the use of an effective filter system, drinkable water actually gushes out of our well now, which you can take from the house at the marked location. Please note that the water from all other sources on site (showers, tanks, etc.) is still NOT suitable for drinking.

The Awareness Team

In case you need help, have observed or experienced abusive behavior, then feel free to contact our awareness team. It can be recognized by awareness t-shirts and blue ribbons. Or contact the bar and security staff who will wait with you for the awareness team.

Drogenberatung Lehrte e.V.

The Department for Addiction and Addiction Prevention (DroBel) from Lehrte will be there again with an information booth. Here you can exchange ideas with the employees, discuss the consumption and possible risks of substances and get information material. On Sunday morning you can check your fitness to drive with an alcohol test before you leave.

Escape routes

Fortunately, we have never had any major catastrophes in the past that would have required massive fire brigade deployments or even evacuations. Nevertheless, we are of course prepared for day X and have a security concept that ensures an orderly process in an emergency. These include assembly points, emergency exits and marked escape routes. Click on the green sign and the map above will display the escape routes. Please also pay attention to loudspeaker announcements and in doubt follow the instructions of the rescue services and our security.

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