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We do not require any certificates of any kind upon admission, we simply appeal to your common sense and responsibility: Just test yourself before you arrive and if in doubt or if you have cold symptoms and/or fever, please stay at home. There is no general obligation to wear a mask. Nevertheless, it is certainly not wrong to put on a mask where it can sometimes get tight in terms of fresh air and space - like inside of the Weltraum. If you suddenly feel unwell during the festival or show corona symptoms, don't hesitate to go to our paramedics - they will help wherever they can.

Protection of minors:

Children and young people under the age of 18 may only stay on the festival grounds if accompanied by a person with custody (parent/parent).
Agreements for custody will not be accepted.


Dogs don’t do festivals. It is loud, crowded, and little kids are running around. So do your best to find some nice people to take care of your furry friend(s) over the weekend. If you can honestly claim that you’ve tried everything but there is no alternative, make sure to protect ears and paws, supply food and water and never ever take off the leash. Furthermore, it's absolutely forbidden to have dogs running around freely in the surrounding landscape protection area.


Charcoal grills, and gas or flammable liquid powered appliances will be permitted or prohibited depending on weather conditions. If in doubt, ask at the cash desk or our helpers from the security team. Furthermore, we ask all smokers not to throw away their cigarettes carelessly, but to bring small pocket ashtrays or containers of a similar type into which the cigarettes can be safely disposed of.


We know festivals can be energy-sapping, and we are totally fine with you bringing your own food and beverages but please, leave them on the camp site. Especially glass bottles are not allowed anywhere near the stages since people love to walk and dance around with their shoes off. Children are playing and maybe there’s even one or another ‘emergency’ dog (see above) so we really don’t want any broken bits of glass or other sharp items lying on the ground.

Without any doubt, it's important to drink enough. But please use plastic or other unbreakable bottles. Thank you!

Potable water:

As Zytanien is not connected to the local water supply network, we have several thousand litres of drinking water available in tanks as an alternative. The exact location is marked with a tap icon on the Areas page. In addition, you can also get mineral water at a fair price at the bars. Nevertheless, in such hot weather conditions we cannot guarantee that our stock is really sufficient. That's why you'd do well to bring your own mineral water reserve.

Power units:

We know: You love your hairdryer. Ice cold beer out of your portable fridge impresses everyone around and for extra ‘comfyness’ you even take your electric blanket in your sleeping bag. But most importantly, you need electricity to supply your boombox so everyone within a 500 metre radius can benefit from your brilliant playlist, right? NO, you don’t!!!!!!! Despite the annoying and unhealthy exhaust, there are cold beverages all over the place (look for beer and cocktail bars), and if you put your stuff under your car overnight, we promise it will be cold in the morning. Musicwise, we have plenty to offer. Bands will play until the early morning hours, and our DJs will ride with you into the sunrise. If you want to start an own career, just send a demo tape and try next year. If you want to express yourself, we suggest you rather grab your guitar and look for someone likeminded and start a session. Or visit Ongolito Ville, take whatever instrument suits you and rock the open mic. Your neighbours will appreciate this.

Lost property:

During the festival ask our staff at the InfoPoint. Afterwards you may visit or call:

Stadt Lehrte
Fachdienst Ordnung
Rathausplatz 1
31275 Lehrte
Tel. 05132/505 – 2213
Fax. 05132 / 505 – 2299
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